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American Football can be played by people of all shapes and sizes. Here's our top 10 reasons why it's perfect for big and tall men and women.

  1. You can use your size

    - coaches won't ask you to get smaller, in fact they'll want you as big as you can be. But they'll help you be the


    kind of size for your position. The biggest guys will go on the offensive line in order to protect the quarterback and open gaps for the running backs, while faster more nimble big guys will be assigned to the defensive line

  2. Get fit whilst keeping big

    - even if you're big it's important you are fit. Exercise improves your mental well-being, it prolongs your life and it enables you to live the life you desire on and off the sports field. However, many sports aren't catered for big guys. Luckily, American Football has key positions where being big is definitely better

  3. Protect the little guys

    - you might be the unsung heroes when it comes to people that don't know a lot about the sport, but coaches, fans and most importantly players know that linemen are the real heroes on an American Football team. Whether you're protecting the quarterback, busting open gaps for running backs to break through or getting through the offensive line to make a huge sack there's so much more to the linemen position than first meets the eye

  4. You get to knock people over for fun

    - whilst you won't be running down the field and scoring too many touchdowns, the fun of the lineman position comes from knocking the opposition down (sometimes called a pancake block) and if you get knocked down by them it's okay, because you'll have the next play to get your revenge

  5. It's like playing sumo but with pads and helmets

    - we've all done it as kids; played sumo with our friends or family, and it was really good fun right? Well imagine playing it again but a) as an adult and getting no judgement and b) wearing pads and helmets at the same time. Sound fun? Then the lineman position is for you!

  6. Develop amazing agility and balance

    - you've got the size but can you move your hands and feet like a ninja? Lineman need brilliant reflexes and the ability to stay upright, and with the right training the big guys can show the rest of the team how to be the best athletes in that regard

  7. Only you and the quarterback touch the ball on every offensive play*


    *if you're the centre.

    The centre is the guy in the middle of the offensive line who snaps the ball to the quarterback at the start of the play. Immediately after the snap the centre then needs to get on with his job of blocking so it's a critical position and one that requires a lot of skill as well as size

  8. Make tackles and force fumbles

    - on the defensive line, lineman are the first line of defence and as well as trying to get to the quarterback they are the most skilled run stoppers. In addition to tackling the running backs, if a lineman can force a fumble and even recover the ball, that calls for a big guy celebration!

  9. Make a sack

    - making a sack is the defensive line equivalent of scoring a touchdown. To you the opposition quarterback is a nuisance who might as well wear a target on his chest. Your job is to take him down, and when you do you'll be treated like royalty on the sideline

  10. Be part of a family

    - more than any sport American Football teams really are a tight unit, and within the wider family you'll also have your positional family too and either offense or defence. Like families sometimes we bicker (think drills where you're constantly up against your opposite number) but on game day there's nothing like the buzz of going to battle with your brother or sister.

The Farnham Knights are running two rookie days on Sunday 6 & Sunday 13 January 2019. You don't need to have any experience, just a desire to try the sport and learn from the experienced coaches. Contact us for more information or get more details here.